Remote Connections

We have a vast experience and an impressive track record in remote recording sessions involving blockbuster productions tracking down their actors here in central Auckland, while they are based in L.A, Toronto, New York, or London.
Here are some projects we have done ADR or Voice recording for.

We are a SAG-AFTRA, Netflix, and Amazon approved facility in terms of Covid-19 protocols and compliance for recording ADR and Voiceovers.

We can accomodate your ADR sessions via Time Code or RTS locked to pictures with Source Connect Pro or Zoom.

Our recording studios and ADR stage are amongst the finest sounding in New Zealand, facilitated by highly experienced personnel. These claims of quality are validated with repeat business from the likes of Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, Universal, Netflix and more.

Our standard mic setup for ADR is a Sennheiser 416 (or MKH60) & Sanken Cos-11 combo, and for animation recording we use a dual U87 setup. But if you have specific mic requirements please get in touch and we will arrange them.

By default, we will supply ProTools sessions at 24bit, 48kHz.

Cost-effective HD video recording of talent can be arranged for original dialog sessions for animation.

We can also arrange actors’ pickup / drop off car service and catering.

We are a certified Source Connect Pro studio.
Source Connect User name: envyauckland