Covid Compliance

At Envy, we take Covid-19 seriously and follow strict guidelines.

Following measures are in place at Envy to keep you, our staff, and the rest of the community healthy:

  • Use of hand sanitiser is requested upon entry.
  • Maximum 2 attendees only for on site sessions per suite (plus VO).
  • One voice talent only in each booth. (One of our suites connects to 2 separate booths with full line-of-sight, this allows us to record 2 voices at the same time)
  • Voice booths and control rooms have separate HVAC systems.
  • Booth air is cleaned with a HEPA filter after each person for 30 minutes.
  • Touch points are wiped with disinfectant and equipment is further sanitised with UV after each person.
  • High level of physical distancing is encouraged throughout the facility.
  • We are a SAG AFTRA approved recording facility in terms of Covid-19 protocols. Link