Covid Compliance

At Envy, we take Covid-19 seriously and follow strict guidelines.

Currently, New Zealand is under the Orange Light protection framework.

Following measures are in place at Envy to keep you, our staff, and the rest of the community healthy:

  • Masks are required to enter our premises and all common areas (preferably surgical or N95 or better).
  • Use of hand sanitiser is requested upon entry.
  • Maximum 2 attendees only for on site sessions per suite (plus VO).
  • One voice talent only in each booth. (One of our suites connects to 2 separate booths with full line-of-sight, this allows us to record 2 voices at the same time)
  • Voice booths and control rooms have separate HVAC systems.
  • Booth air is cleaned with a HEPA filter after each person for 30 minutes.
  • Touch points are wiped with disinfectant and equipment is further sanitised with UV after each person.
  • High level of physical distancing is encouraged throughout the facility.
  • We are a SAG AFTRA approved recording facility in terms of Covid-19 protocols. Link